Fits General Pump replacement Check Valves Kit 123 K123, fits GP Interpump (set of 6)

  • $35.99

Fits General Pump & Interpump K123 Replacement Valve Kit        (set of 6)

  • Brand new
  • High quality, made in Italy
  • Fast shipping from USA
  • Rebuild all 6 check valves
  • Fits General Pump Models:

    EH1413 EH1416 EH2009
    EH2011 EL1411 EL1413
    EL1714 EL2007 EL2009
    EX3040S EZ2536 EZ2542
    EZ2545 EZ2556 EZ3030
    EZ3035 EZ3040 EZ3042
    EZ3045 EZ4030 EZ4035
    EZ4040 T1209 T1508
    TP2021 TP2024 TP2032
    TP2526 TP2530 TP2533
    TS2012SS TS2016SS TS2221SS
    TT1508 TT1511 TT1513
    TT9091 TX1505 TX1506
    TX1508 TX1510 TX1512
    TX1810 TX1812  

    Fits Interpump Pump Models:

    UH2008 UH2011 UH2013
    UH2016 UL1413 UL1415
    UL2009 UL2011 W112
    W1208 W1210 W124
    W130 W150 W1507
    W154 W170 W950
    W951 W952 W953
    W954 W955 W956
    W958 W959 W97
    WW116 WW136 WW1508
    WW1509 WW1510 WW1511
    WW1513 WW156 WW176
    WW186 WW189 WW206
    WW209 WW906 WW907
    WW909 WW960 WW961
    WW962 WW963 WW964