Fits General Pump Kit 7 Replacement Head Rings K07 KIT7 fits GP Interpump (set of 6)

  • $14.39

Fits General Pump & Interpump K07 Replacement Head Rings 20mm (set of 6)

  • Brand new
  • High quality, made in Italy
  • Fast shipping from USA
  • Set of 6
  • Fits General Pump Models:

    CW2004 CW2040 CW24
    CW3040 T1011 T1311
    T2011 T2031 T3551
    T4251 T9121 T9161
    T9211 TS1011 TS1021
    TS1041 TS1311 TS1331
    TS1351 TS1511 TS1521
    TS1531 TS1711 TS2011
    TS2012SS TS2016SS  

    Fits Interpump Pump Models:

    W101 W151 W201
    W203 W355 W912
    W913 W916 W921
    WS101 WS102 WS104
    WS131 WS133 WS135
    WS151 WS152 WS153
    WS171 WS201 WS202


    Kit 7 Head Rings 20mm (6 pcs)