General Pump Kit 21 HEAD RINGS 20mm, fits General Pump GP K21 KIT21 Interpump (set of 6)

  • $9.91

General Pump Kit 21 Replacement Head Rings 20mm (set of 6)

  • Brand new
  • High quality, made in Italy
  • Fast shipping from USA
  • Set of 6
  • Fits General Pump Models:

    T521 T531 T701
    T711 T721 T731
    T9071 T9321 T9711
    T9721 T9731 T9791
    T991 T9951 T9971
    TS1371 TS1491  

    Fits Interpump Pump Models:

    W52 W53 W70
    W71 W72 W73
    W91 W921 W972
    W973 W979 W98
    W99 W995 W996
    W997 WS137 WS149